The HOM Team

House of Metamorphosis (HOM)

The HOM Team


Executive Director

Ms. Beverly Monroe, the Executive Director of the House of Metamorphosis, has been a representative of the program for 30 years and Executive Director for 15 plus years. Taking her position as Executive Director very seriously, Ms. Monroe works hard and long hours to maintain the professional standards. Demanding only the best for the residents, Ms. Monroe works hand-in-hand with the Staff of the House of Metamorphosis on a daily basis.

Ms. Monroe has been involved with drug abuse treatment programs since the late 1970’s. She is a firm believer in the continuum of education and obtaining personal goals. Ms. Monroe serves on various Boards nationwide and statewide. On July 15, 2002, this day was proclaimed “Beverly Monroe Day” by the Mayor and the entire Council district of the City of San Diego.

Staff Members

HOM staff is directed by Ms. Beverly Monroe. All staff members are trained professionals with credentials (Degrees or CATC, CAADAC, CAS) in the field of Alcohol and Drug Treatment. Staff also includes mental health professionals (MFT, MFTI). Staff members continually undergo training annually and participate in continuing education to learn and enhance their knowledge about the latest treatment approaches, research, and counselling techniques.

With an average employment time with HOM of approximately 10 years, staff members are dedicated and passionate about their work. The HOM team consists of the following:

  • Two Intake Counselors
  • Administrative Finance Coordinator
  • Mental Health Counselors (MFT, MFTI)
  • Office Manager
  • 2 Supervising Counselors
  • 4 Drug and Alcohol (AOD) Counselors
  • 2 Case Managers
  • 1 Culinary Chef
  • 9 Volunteer House Managers

HOM’s staff is reflective of HOM’s residential demography, which is Latin American, Caucasian, Asian, African American, and others.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the House of Metamorphosis. The main purpose of the Board is to ensure the objectives and goals of HOM are achieved in an efficient manner. Board members are professional and non-professional members of the community. To achieve the overall process of the Board, its responsilities include the following:

  • Supervise and evaluate the Executive Director
  • Provide management of organization, fundraising efforts
  • Devoting personal time
  • Provide committees for program enhancement
  • Establish leadership development standards
  • Other managerial functions as needed that stay within the bylaws

The officers of the Board of Directors are the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. All officers are elected by the membership on a yearly basis at the Board’s December meeting. The Board meets once each month at the House of Metamorphosis. The Board on occasion organizes seminars, educational classes, and provides follow-up as needed.

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