The Founder

Ms. Doris C. Ringgold, the founder of House of Metamorphosis (HOM), was born January 1, 1931, and went to meet her maker on February 26, 1995, at the age of 64. Ms. Ringgold had been active with drug abuse programs since the early 1960's.

Shortly after moving to San Diego from New York in 1975, Ms. Ringgold founded the House of Metamorphosis on December 7, 1976. Ms. Ringgold saw the need to organize a residential drug rehabilitation center. Initially, the purpose of the center was to create the desire within the residents to modify their behaviors.

Doris was highly respected in her field and received numerous awards. Dedicated to prevention of substance abuses, she was an advocate of community awareness. Ms. Ringgold was a member of various boards of directors throughout the County and Nation. In 1995, to honor her achievements, January 8th was proclaimed "Ms Doris C. Ringgold Appreciation Day" by the Fourth District of the City of San Diego. Her legacy and dreams continue to be fulfilled through the success of the program.

The House

The House of Metamorphosis began operation on December 7, 1976, at its present location. Ms. Doris Ringgold, who was the founder and had been the Executive Director since inception, saw a need to organize a drug rehabilitation center. The purpose of the center, initially, was to create the desire within the residents to modify their behavior.

HOM has graduated approximately 2,700 individuals from its live-in residential program in the past thirty-two years. The residents have participated in many worthwhile community events. Many of the Alumni of the House of Metamorphosis have re-entered society and become respectable members of their respective communities, both here in California and across the country.

House of Metamorphosis' past success and endurance is due to its dedicated staff, Board of Directors, and outside assistance from the community. Our continued success depends on this continual support from individuals and the San Diego community at large.