Where do I start?

We are glad you have come this far and are considering joining HOM. The first thing to do is to come in and fill out an application. Please call during open hours to talk to a counselor and make an appointment.

If you feel you need immediate assistance or if you feel you are in a crisis, please call the Access and Crisis line at 1-800-479-3339. If your situation is life threatening, call 911 immediately.

Do I have to come by to apply?

Yes. Applicants for admission must be interviewed in person by an intake counselor. Contact us if someone you care about is incarcerated and would like to apply for the program.

What are your intake hours?

Intake counselors are available for in-person appointments Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. To talk to a counselor and to make an appointment, call (619) 236-9217, or you can walk in at any time during open hours. Please note that the office is closed on official holidays.

What do I need to bring for my appointment?

A picture ID (such as a California ID card or Driver's License) and a Social Security Card. If your ID and/or social security card was lost or stolen and you have already applied for a replacement and have a receipt, bring the receipt with you. You should allow approximately 45 minutes for the intake process from beginning to end. Please be on time for your appointment and arrive for your intake with all the necessary documents.

What information does the application cover?

The intake application covers a variety of information about you that allows us to know you:

  • Demographic and identifying information
  • Social history
  • Drug and alcohol history
  • Mental health history
  • Legal status
  • Financial information
  • Vocational Achievements
  • Education
  • Medical history
  • Previous treatment episodes
  • Medications
  • Self assessment

Only upon completion of the intake process and signing of the HOM contractual agreement will a client be admitted to treatment. We make every attempt to provide treatment to all potential clients. If it is in the best interest of the applicant, we will provide referrals to other programs and facilities.

How long does my application stay current?

Applications stay current for 6 weeks (this does not apply to persons on the wait list). After 6 weeks have passed and you are still interested in our program, you will have to make an appointment and fill out another application.

How soon can I start the program?

Residency may begin as early as 30 days, or even sooner, after submitting an application and depending on availability of space.