A Day at HOM

Our program is well organized and structured. This framework provides the safety and therapeutic environment needed for your success. Each of our residents receives at least 25 hours of Individual, Group, Education Sessions, Recovery, or Treatment Planning per week.

A Typical Morning at HOM Looks Like This:

It's 6 am and it is wake up time! You will get up, take a shower, and get dressed for the day. Don't forget to make your bed and tidy up! Then you will eat breakfast in the Dining Room. Now you have energy for the day! Everyone teams up for general house clean up - we want our home clean and presentable at all times! When done, there is the Morning Meeting - this is the time to get energized, to encourage each other for another successful day, and to have fun too! After the Morning Meeting, attend Orientation and Rules & Regulations - here you will learn about what's going on at HOM and the rules of the House. Now it is already time to eat lunch!

A Typical Afternoon and Evening Looks Like This:

Right after lunch, you will attend the Presentation Seminar and learn, for example, how drugs affect your brain, or what distorted thinking is, or....there are many more topics! Now it is time for the gender specific groups where you can share your experiences, thoughts and emotions, if you like. It's now 4 pm and time to take another shower! Refreshed, you will eat a hearty dinner in the Dining Room. When finished, residents once again team up to clean the house. In the evening, there are house meetings and group sessions to attend. Around 10 pm, there will be a snack, a quick house clean up and bed-time shortly before midnight.

Please note: If you take medications, there are four (4) scheduled medication times throughout the day for you to take your medications as prescribed.

On Fridays and Saturdays, everyone joins in the HOM Car Wash - your participation and teamwork will make these days especially successful!