Current Offerings

Our existing rehabilitation program involves both didactic and experiential treatment for residents, including the following:

  1. Individual and group counseling session
  2. Family counseling and reunification support services
  3. On-site GED classes
  4. Intellectual gymnastics
  5. Employment readiness training
  6. Psychiatric evaluation
  7. Psycho-social evaluation and assessment
  8. Morale retreat
  9. HIV/AIDS awareness
  10. Community re-entry training
  11. 12-Step support groups
  12. On-site parenting classes

Phases of the Program

The entire 9-month long program is divided into four (4) phases - it's like setting yourself four (4) short term goals that are reachable. Before you know it, you will have successfully completed all four (4) phases and are ready to graduate!

Phase I: Orientation

  • 6 to 8 weeks
  • Starts with a 30-day "blackout" period
  • Family visits

Phase II: Intermediate

  • 3 to 4 months
  • Earned privileges, i.e. telephone, 8-hour passes

Phase III: Gray Area

  • 2 to 3.5 months
  • Employment preparation (including job training or school) followed by employment

Phase IV: Re-Entry

  • 2 to 3 months
  • Resident may reside in one of the HOM Transitional Living Facilities
  • Resident must participate in aftercare in order to petition for public graduation

This program is your program. It encourages your active participation and input and asks you to make good decisions regarding your treatment.

Residential treatment programs like ours remove negative influences and help you to adjust to living a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle and develop necessary skills to sustain your recovery. The longer negative influences are removed from your environment, including the availability of drugs and alcohol, and the more time you have to learn and adjust, the higher the probability of your success.